I am a conceptual portrait photographer who enjoys digital manipulations. Photography is just a beginning process of creation.

Through my work I try to incite emotions, and create beauty. Making sense of my inner world through images, I use my instinct while shooting and editing.

In each of my images there is a commonality: a woman, movement and stillness, textures, and a little magic. Hopefully a story unfolds that is both esthetically pleasing and poetic.

I draw inspiration from what surrounds me, books, my kids, dreams and nightmares, paintings, music and fashion.

My process is an act of meditation for me as I always found that the breathless act of swimming underwater put me in a state of bliss. It is the only place where my mind stays quiet and is completely in the moment. I do not use oxygen while shooting, just a weight belt, a mask and my Nikon D810 in an Ikelite housing.