I have clearly been MIA on my own website. I have new images and working on a new series at the moment. 

So this post will have several photos and even a behind the scene shot. click on photo to go to next one!!

Here is my latest photo with the amazing Katarina Lansing (IG @katarina lansing). If you want to see a time lapse of this edit you can check out my you tube channel

Model: the fabulous Shelby Flaata


Model: Linnea Snyderman

Model: Kristin Lee

MOdel: Gracie Thompson

continuing with the gold obsession.... I have been experimenting with adding gold leaf onto print and accents of paint here and there and I am really loving the results. I will be sharing my next print next week and posting updates as gold leaf are added onto it. 

Continuing this series. Model: Shelby Flaata

Model: Linnea Snyderman  


Model: Kristin Lee

camera: Nikon D810

housing: Ikelite  


Model: Shelby Flaata  


I edited this one a while ago. I wasn't sure after a while if I loved it or not. I had worked on it too much to see it. When that happens I leave it on my desktop and take a look at it at a later time. I looked at it today and finished it. I actually love it. Model: Gracie Thompson  



Model: Kristin Lee  

camera: Fuji xt10

housing: dicapac