So here is my new website. I wanted something a bit cleaner. Where the blog and the photos I want to showcase are not all mixed together.

We have had a few days of rain which was very much needed here in Southern California. I love the rain, it makes for beautiful clouds, sounds,

So I tried for a shoot at Matador Beach in Malibu. It was not ideal.

It was raining, and I have shot underwater and I think that is way easier than under the rain.  

The beach which is already small was almost non existent. We had about 10 minutes and there was nowhere to stand on anymore. But I got the shot I wanted. 

You can view it in my photography gallery or here on my Facebook page  until I figure out how to post a photo directly onto my blog. new site, new problems. edited. the photo is now below 

radioactive by Lola MItchell