I did a photo on my iphone last night. It was an idea I had for a while. As always it came out a little differently than I expected. I edited until my Iphone died last night and continued today. I looked at it so much that I ended up having 3 versions and had to ask a friend for advice. Here is a little video step by step. The only thing missing was a lantern I decided not to keep. I was asked last time to make the video a little slower so I did.

A little selfie

I have been busy not doing photography unfortunately but prepping for exciting events.

As I posted before I will be in the Ipad book Mobile Masters which will include some tutorials.

I also have a one night group art show/event in Los Angeles on May 17 with Create Fixate. 

Last night because I miss creating I took a little self portrait on my iphone and did a little edit. I made a little video with step by step photos and apps used. Let me know if you like these and I will keep making them. I will try to find a way to make a photoshop video in the near future.

Magic-Iphone Only image

Today I went on a much needed hike with a great friend who is a very talented artist, Sara Tune. We had no ideas in mind but we both had our iphones and cameras. I took some photos here and there and went home and edited one in my iphone. Here are some of the images used not including textures.

apps used native camera, Pic Fx, scratchcam, superimpose, color lake

apps used native camera, Pic Fx, scratchcam, superimpose, color lake