My new camera.

So I am the lucky new owner of a Nikon D810 (I am not sponsored or anything by the I wish).

I have always been a Canon person so it is very new. I shot yesterday with it and have a few photos to post from it. So far I love it. I even find it fun to be a little lost while trying to remember where to go to change shutter speed. Harder when in my underwater dicapac bag. 

My only disappointment and surprise was to find out that the raw format used is not compatible with adobe or iphoto either. It does come with the software to transfer photos into computer and then I converted into jpeg with the nikon software (note it took 3 hours for 455 photos, now that might be because my computer is next to full). I had read on several threads that adobe dng converter worked but it did not for me. I am sure adobe will eventually update. 

So this first photo from my shoot is completely different than what I usually post. Not square and in black and white but sometimes the photos just speaks to you.