I edited this one a while ago. I wasn't sure after a while if I loved it or not. I had worked on it too much to see it. When that happens I leave it on my desktop and take a look at it at a later time. I looked at it today and finished it. I actually love it. Model: Gracie Thompson  


I am behind on posts here so there will be two today. One is with Linnea Snyderman

Camera is fuji xt10 and dicapac bag. Model is the lovely Kristin Lee



well my Nikon got flooded today. Not sure what happened, but it happened right at the beginning of the shoot. Thankfully I had my Fuji XT10 and a dicapac and I used them.

Still waiting for the Nikon to dry and hoping it will start back tomorrow.

Here is the first edit of today's shoot with the lovely Kristin Lee